About Us

The Hornby Island Arts Council was established in December 1998 and is in a period of profound transition. Having moved between insecure and inadequate spaces for two decades, we stand prepared to establish an Arts Centre.

Hornby has an outsized reputation in the arts and may have the highest per-capita density of artists in all of Canada.

Hornby Arts’ goal, like most charitable non-profits, is to improve quality of life. Our constitution mandates that this is accomplished by: increasing and broadening opportunities to appreciate, enjoy and participate in artistic and cultural activities through events and workshops, improving the standards of artistic expression in our community, and establishing an Arts Centre where diverse forms of creative expression can be supported.

Hornby Arts delivers programs with broad participation including approximately 90 events a year. Our work improves local prosperity and social and environmental solidarity. We celebrate our artists and their inestimable contributions to our community’s values and institutions. Hornby Arts employs transparent standards for engaging artists and the public in our services while ensuring that our programs reflect our island’s social and cultural diversity. We strive to support the widest possible range of artistic expression year-round, and we are growing to meet what is in store as we transform.

The Board:

Sheila Morissette, President; Judith Fletcher Elkins, Treasurer; John Struthers, Board; Bernd Walter, Board.

The Staff:

Angela McIntyre, Community & Development – [email protected]

Zsofin Sheehy, Staff Media Artist 

Christopher Mieduneicki, Bookkeeper

Arts Centre Contractors:

Galloway Brothers Construction & D’Arcy Jones Architects


Please be in touch to make an appointment. Presently we are working remotely and email is best.