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Art Island: Perspectives from a Creative Community – A Series by Zsofin Sheehy

Who are the individuals that comprise the vibrant artistic community of Hornby Island? This 10-episode docu-series looks into the personal lives and artistic perspectives of local artists — our community members. Expanding on how they became artists, what inspires their art, challenges they’ve encountered, and how they persevered, Art Island is a deep dive into why artists feel art is important and how it has the power to affect us all.
About the Filmmaker

Zsofin Sheehy, an independent filmmaker and Hornby Island native, specializes in creating immersive experiences that capture emotion and detail. With a decade of dedication to evolving her craft, she distinguishes herself through her intuitive eye and the ability to foster trust, intimacy, and personal stories. Currently creating the Art Island film series with Hornby Arts, Zsofin aims to showcase individual artistry, break down barriers, and encourage the celebration of our shared humanity. 

Zsofin Sheehy. Photo by Kris Krüg.

Art Island Season 1

E10: Vass Éva Rozsa – Artist

Vass Éva Rozsa brings us into her world of experimentation and creative magic.  

E9: Tom Knott – Sculptor

Tom Knott shares the infinite movement and surface in his meditative kinetic steel sculptures, and inspirations found in spirituality, nature, and community.

E8: Elaine Savoie– Painter, Market Gardener

Elaine Savoie explores how her life has been shaped by the island artist community, her connection to the land, and her use of art, writing, and poetry to explore personal identity, intergenerational processing, and the intricacies of island life.

E7: Gordon Payne – Artist

Gordon Payne’s intensely detailed painting, experimental sculptures, and deep exploration of art philosophy are all elements of his committed daily practice of channelling the expression of artistic thinkers throughout history.

E6: Alpen Kelley – Painter, Printmaker, Jeweller

Alpen Kelley provides insight into her artistic process across various media, emphasizing a pragmatic view that revolves around continuous and enthusiastic learning.

E5: Tony Wilson – Musician, Composer, Author

Jazz composer and musician Tony Wilson candidly reflects on using his art to address urgent social justice issues, and imparts wisdom for those pursuing their creative dreams.

E4: Michelle Nyberg – Painter

Michelle Nyberg‘s paintings are marked by the vibrant translation of the world’s beauty into paintings filled with movement, colour, and whimsy, showcasing the influence of Hornby Island on her artistic development and connection with a diverse audience.

E3: Moragh Eilish – Mixed Media Artist

Working in drawing, painting, and as a tattoo artist, Moragh Eilish shares how engagement in artistic countercultures and the inspiration of alternative living models have led to a life of artistic pursuit and community-seeking through her practice.

E2: Tom Burrows – Sculptor

Tom Burrows opens the doors to his hand-built Downes Point home, reflecting on his influential 50-year career and offering insights into the lasting impact of 1970s counterculture on his work and contemporary society.

E1: Alina Milek Flower Farmer, Florist and Jeweller

Explore the garden and studio of Alina Milek, a native of Hornby Island, as she discusses the meaningful connection between her creative practice and giving back to her community.

Funding for Art Island is provided by the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, and the Province of British Columbia.

The Art of Gardening Series

Released in 2022, The Art of Gardening is a mini-series celebrating just a few of the magnificent gardens that call Hornby Island home. 

The Art of Gardening

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