“Hornby is one of the few places I have visited where the arts in all forms is completely integrated into the culture of the island. It reminded me of my home in Guatemala.”

—Summer Visitor 2019

Recognized for its beauty among the Gulf Islands, Hornby is graced with pristine waters, long stretches of sandy beaches, weathered cliffs, unique rock formations, old growth, and meandering trails. It is a place of inspiration and restoration and has a long history as a mecca for artists.

The culture of Hornby embraces connection to nature and the arts. For good reason! Artists have been inspired by this place for a long time. With a permanent population of around 1,000, most everyone is involved in creative endeavours, many of them making a living as working artists and artisans.

Hornby is at a crossroad now. It has not had an adequate and dedicated home and space in which to celebrate and empower its arts culture. Its resilient community of artists has long held a dream of creating a permanent home for the arts, a cultural hub that will serve the community, visitors, and all those that love Hornby. This home will not only provide much needed gallery space, but it will provide a community gathering place with the ability to host workshops, talks, visual and performing arts events throughout the year. It will also provide critical indoor seismic public infrastructure. We will be able to create a strong arts and mentoring program for the youth. It will provide us with a space to house a permanent collection that will tell the story of the arts on Hornby.

Today we are ready to make this a reality—with our location secured, an innovative and flexible design in its final stages, and almost all of the funding in place. 

We are reaching out to everyone who holds Hornby in their hearts to help us raise the remaining $175,000 in private and corporate contributions to reach our goal of $1.375M for the project.

We anticipate opening the Hornby Arts Centre in 2021!

Louise McMurray, President

Hornby Island Arts Council

November 1st, 2019

Updated May 1st, 2020