Adrift: Reconnecting Through Creativity

To be adrift means to be unfastened, floating without direction, moving with the seas and winds. We have all found ourselves unmoored: physically, mentally, or emotionally, at some point over the last two years in the wake of the pandemic. How have we navigated these uncharted waters in isolation? How do we find a safe harbour and our community again?

Adrift: Reconnecting through Creativity is a community project and art show organized by Hornby Arts that documents where we have been, and explores how we can come together again through arts and crafts culture. The show will run August 13–19 at the Community Hall.

There are three main components to the Adrift project: the Community School Banners, the Textile Photo Collage, and the art and performance schedule at the Hall during exhibition dates. All three of these components will be guided and unified by the following Focus Questions:

  • In what ways have you felt change in yourself, your family, and/or your community?

  • What makes you feel safe in your community?

  • What have you learned from your surroundings, or taught to yourself, during this time?


Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Textile Photo Collage


Members of the Hornby Island community are welcome to share stories and photography that speaks in some way to your experience over the last two years. You can share a photo of humans, plants, or animals, a place on the island, or meaningful objects. If you like, you can use the following questions to guide you:

• Over the last two years, what is something that has changed for you?

• What is something you learned or taught yourself during this time?

• What does a post-Covid safe and happy community look like?

Along with photos, individuals can submit a written response to the questions, which will be incorporated into the Adrift exhibition.

Submit your Story and Photo Now!

Call for Expressions of Interest: Performing and Visual Artists

We invite island visual artists, craftspeople, writers, performers and musicians to share work which respond to Adrift’s themes and the above Focus Questions. What new work, experiments, or questions have arisen in your practice over the last two years? Selected visual works will be curated into a standing exhibition, and public temporal/performance works will be scheduled through the August exhibition week.

As this is not a sale exhibit, selected artists will be awarded honoraria. Please email with questions or your interest to participate in the show.