We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of Hornby Island-based professionals developing the building’s design and advising with contracting and siting. Their participation in all manner of consultation at the grass-roots level has been instrumental in advancing the project. We have pored over old and new survey results together, five past designs, gathered feedback and massaged ideas, and we continue to improve the outcome and proposal and the program for the building. We are also fortunate to have gathered together an excellent team of fundraisers who are helping us to the finish line.


Project Coordinator:

Tor Nawrot

Building Committee:

Louise McMurray, HIAC President and Chair

Ted Goodden, HIAC Vice President

Indika Gnananratna, HIAC Board Member

Andrew Mark, HIAC Executive Director

Advisory Members:

Michael McNamara, Blue Sky Design

Innes Hood, MASC, MSc, Envelope Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Senior Sustainability Consultant for Stantec

Goya Ngan, MBCSLA, CSLA, Landscape Architect

Anne Ngan, Artist

Rachelle Chinnery, Artist

Design Team:

Lewis Morse and Susanna Morse

Morse Design Studio

Fundraising Committee:

Courtney Pratt, Chair and Board Member

Louise McMurray, HIAC President

Indika Gnanaratna, HIAC Board Member

Rachelle Chinnery, Volunteer

Cheryl Milner, Volunteer

Andrew Mark, HIAC Executive Director