Most of the arts community is aware that Phil Ives passed away suddenly this summer. Phil was an inspiring photographer, film maker and was a well loved member of the Hornby arts community.  A number of his friends along with his widow Louise McMurray have been discussing acting on an idea for sparking creative collaboration that Phil was excited about.

His concept could be described as “how artists inspire each other." How one artist or one piece of art can inspire creativity in other artists.

We will be launching this concept next week:

Sunday November 17th at 7:00 pm New Horizons.

During the Hornby Island Photographers (HIPS) monthly gathering there will be a special screening of Phil's work. HIPS is inviting all Hornby artists and artisans available to meet with us and discuss putting together a collaborative art show using Phil Ives Hornby Island landscapes and photographs as the creative spark and unifying theme. We hope to attract artists of all disciplines painters, sculptors, fabric artists, ceramic, musicians, poets, dancers and of course, photographers, to join us in this endeavour. If we attract a good mix of accomplished artists this could generate a very interesting and multi-disciplinary art experience which will be showcased next summer.

How it will work:

Artists/artisans will select an image (or images that they want to work with). That image will be printed out for the artist so that they have something to take with them to work from over the winter/spring. We will determine the size and scope of the art show based on participating artists and works generated.

How/when do I select an image?:

Phil's images are available for selection now. The concept and images will be launched at the HIPS gathering on Sunday Nov 17th, with a dedicated screening of Phil's work and follow up discussion. We are exploring the possibility of having them available the week following at the HIAC Gallery in the Woods. This will be announced on the 17th and through the HIAC newsletter. Phil's images will also be available for viewing on the HIAC website. You will be able to browse and select an image from there if you are off island. You would need to contact us, and we will follow up with you.

Contacts for question or follow up:

Louise McMurray:, 250-335-2524

Don Peterson:

Andrew Mark (HIAC):

Karen Young (HIPS):


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